A Different Kind of Printer

Here at 911 Printers we like to set ourselves apart from all the other printers. Most online printers make you jump through their hurdles. If your design isn’t right, they make you correct them. And if they do correct the files, they charge you for layout and further designs or proofing.

At 911 Printers, we offer FREE layout services with any product ordered. And we will keep proofing your product until you are completely satisfied. We do charge for more advanced designer services such as photo-shopping work or website banners, but basic layout is FREE. We also archive all your orders and can make future changes or process an exact repeat as you need them.

If you have an office with many people we can design a template for placement on our online designer. And if the various employees want different designs, we can make multiple templates for each agent to pick as they want.

Good prices, great quality, great service and a willingness to help get your orders to you with the quality you want and deserve. Try 911 Printers and see how a different kind of printer operates.

Outdoor Marketing Material

The following lists 8 outdoor marketing materials you can use to promote your brand, products and services to increase profits this season.

1.   Flyers

Flyers are excellent marketing tools because they’re incredibly cheap to print so you can mass-distribute them anywhere and everywhere your target audience will see them. Consider flyers with perforated tear-offs with special discount coupons, URLs, or phone numbers so customers can easily remember to respond – and you can track response.

2.   Stickers

The most versatile summer marketing tools, stickers can be affixed almost anywhere: on walls, windows and doors; on sidewalks, utility poles and vehicles; on ceilings, stairwells and public restroom stalls; on mirrors, hand dryers and park benches; on gas station pumps, electronic devices and clothing. You name it, and stickers can help you market. Enhance your brand image by printing stickers relevant to your target audience: decorative skateboard stickers for a skateboard company, for example.

3.   Door hangers

Get the power of postcards without the cost of postage by distributing door hangers. You can print door hangers cheap then recruit a team of volunteers to help you blanket neighborhoods where your target customers live, according to demographic data. Reward your volunteers with pizza, ice ream or cocktails after, and they’ll be thrilled to help again next year – or next month. Add a perforated tear off for coupon or your personal info too.

4.   Posters

Big brother to flyers, posters command attention and can be boldly placed just about anywhere flyers can, provided there’s room: walls, community bulletin boards, doors, utility poles and more.

5.   Vinyl banners

Few single marketing tools can have such incredible reach as vinyl banners. Relatively cheap to print, vinyl banners are made to withstand weather conditions and are fade-resistant so you can rest assured your campaign will survive the elements and be noticed by hundreds if not thousands of potential customers. Think of attention-getting places to place your vinyl banners for best results: in busy shopping districts, near high traffic intersections, at sporting events, fair, festivals, and more.


6.   Event Signage

If you do trade shows and need some signage and POP signage to help advertise your company then 911 Printers is the shop for you. We have Retractable Banner Stands, X-Style Banner Stand, Table Top Retractable Banner Stands, Full Color Table Throw Covers, Table Runners, and even a large 8 foot Banner Stand. Your signage needs can be met and you can attract your future customers to you with eye-catching full color signage.

7.   Club card flyers

If you own a restaurant, night club, or bar and grill, one of the best ways to market it is to hit the streets with club card flyers. You can leave club card flyers in public areas where they’ll be found, or – better yet – recruit a “street team” to hand club card flyers to passers-by. Your club card flyers should include an incentive to try your establishment out right away, such as a free drink, appetizer, VIP access, or discount. You might also include a QR code that can be scanned to give mobile walking directions right to your front door to encourage groups of friends to visit your club together.

8.   Promotional items
Ice Scrapers, Key Chains, Tote bag, Name Tags, Coffee Mugs, to name a few. Promotional items might not lead to direct sales, but they will definitely help make your brand a household name.
It’s no secret that if you want to effectively market your business, you have to do it where the people are. It’s often the outdoors: restaurant and bar districts, shopping areas, the beach, public parks and more. Take advantage of the power of outdoor marketing to disrupt the landscape with your brand, and you can boost sales all year long.

Silhouette Business Cards

One of the most striking business cards is the silhouette business card. The silhouette business card is one with your picture on the card, but where 911 Printers deletes the background around your picture to leave you ‘standing’ out in front of the design.

Here is a sample of a normal card

silh sample whole pic

Now here is a silhouette card

silh sample silh pic

The silhouette cards have that look to help catch your customer’s eye. You can have the silhouette on any template on our site. And even more, if you have a design that you like that we don’t have, please send that to us and we can replicate that design free of charge.

In fact all our our layout services are FREE with any product ordered. Just email us (info@911printers.net) and we can start a layout for a silhouette or any product you need. No need to spend hundreds of dollars paying graphic designers to set something up for you. Just use us and we can get it going for you right away.

There are not many printers that offer silhouette cards, but for those that do carry this service you will not find any printer that can beat us in prices for the silhouettes. And our silhouettes business cards come in all the same features as our normal premium business cards. You can upgrade on thicker 16pt paper, finishes, round corners and yes even rush service.

Try the Silhouette Business cards at 911 Printers, you will stand out from the rest of the cards out there.
















10 Great Ways to Use Roll Stickers

Roll stickers are some of the most versatile tools you can print. These cost-effective stickers are useful for a wide variety of marketing purposes and help you brand your company or personal name via custom design. The following lists 10 great ways you can use roll stickers to promote your brand or cause today.

1. Envelope sealers

Whether you’re sending a direct-mail sales letter or inviting guests to a wedding or other event, roll stickers complete your stationery package by serving as custom-designed envelop seals.

2. Service call stickers

Perfect for companies that install equipment for homeowners and businesses, such as HVAC technicians, roll stickers can list the company, name, and number customers should call if they need service or additional work.

3. Brand stickers

Plaster your brand anywhere and everywhere with custom-printed roll stickers!

4. Support stickers

Want to give your supporters a quick and easy way to demonstrate their support for your nonprofit organization or political cause? Roll stickers are the perfect solution.

5. Reward stickers

Schools, tutors, and even modern companies can print custom roll stickers to hand out as rewards to students and employees for a job well done.

6. Product labels

Roll stickers provide a cost-effective way to place labels on your products, from bottles and tubs to boxes and more.

7. Package labels

If you ship products to customers, roll stickers are great package labels to let everyone know you’re the company everyone else trusts.

8. Mailing labels

Brand your envelope and/or shipments with custom-printing mailing labels. Uncoated roll stickers let you write mailing addresses on them quick and easy.

9. Return address labels

Simplify your personal mailings and add brand prowess to your communications with custom-printed return address labels.

10. Custom name tags

Hosting a big event? Customize name tags with your branding by printing uncoated roll stickers.

Ready to print your own roll stickers? 911 Printers offers premium-quality roll stickers at discount prices!

Linen Stationery Lends Distinction to Your Brand

Your letterhead design lends visual suggestions that help customers intuitively understand your values and benefits. It’s the reason many companies invest in professional letterhead design. But there’s more to letterhead than compelling design, which is why you should lend distinction to your brand by printing your letterhead on linen stationery.


What is linen stationery?

Linen stationery is a thick, textured paper stock that grants your brand a bold, sophisticated look that won’t go unnoticed by your direct-mail recipients. Research has shown that thicker, heavier paper stocks along with tactile textures imbue a sense of trust that can lead to more sales.

In short, linen stationery feels great in customers’ hands and influence purchases.

It makes your message stronger and adds credibility to your brand. It also differentiates you from competitors, so your brand is easier to remember when customers are ready to buy. If you want to print letterhead that promotes a cohesive brand image, linen stationery is an excellent choice.


Linen stationery printing options

You can print any background color onto the paper to simulate any corporate color branding. All our stationery is printed in full color too.

Bright, colorful brilliant white letterhead paper stock is great for cutting-edge, high-tech, fun, or even flamboyant brands; while elegant natural white letterhead is best-suited for traditional, strong brands with an air of sophistication. Of course, talented designers can always break the mold and craft creative ways to represent your brand with either style of letterhead.


Do I need professional design to print linen stationery?

Professionally-designed letterhead has enormous impact on how your brand is perceived, whether you’re printing letterhead, envelopes, or business cards. So yes, you need professional design to print linen stationery. The good news is you can get it free!

Use 911 Printer’s free letterhead design or online design tool to customize your own professionally-designed letterhead. You can either use our online designer to help you design your own letterhead, just click on the custom design tab at the bottom of the page or even the upload design tab if you already have a design ready. If an online design tool is too much or if you don’t have the time, send an email to info@911printers.net and our graphic designers will set up your letterhead for you absolutely FREE!


Stand out from competitors, make a powerful impression on customers, and earn more sales with linen stationery. Print linen stationery today!

7 Reasons Fridge Magnets Are Powerful Marketing Tools

Do you print refrigerator magnets to market your products or services? If not, you might be missing on a golden opportunity to boost sales and motivate repeat business. The following details seven reasons why fridge magnets are powerful marketing tools.

1. Fridge magnets are useful to customers

Fridge magnets have value to customers; they’re useful for attaching important documents, pictures, reminders, and kids’ artwork to refrigerators, the modern-day showcase gallery. Nearly everyone uses fridge magnets, so giving them to customers and prospects is a great way to get your company’s name in hundreds or even thousands of households.

You can also add value to fridge magnets by including relevant information: local emergency numbers, a popular sports team’s schedule, or handy kitchen tips. When you add value to fridge magnets, you increase their usefulness and therefore the chances your audience will use them every day.


2. Fridge magnets have outstanding value

Most marketing tools have limited shelf-lives; some, like direct-mail postcards, are meant to be viewed only once. Fridge magnets, on the other hand, last years (even decades) and can rack up hundreds of thousands or even millions of views – all for a single one-time investment. They’re not only cost-effective to print, they’re among the cheapest marketing tools per-view you can print.


3. Fridge magnets brand via repetition

Your audience sees your fridge magnets, whether directly or sub-consciously, every single time they go to the fridge for a glass of milk, the bottle of ketchup, or anything else. That repetition and constant brand reinforcement is priceless. Your magnets might not generate an immediate flood of sales, but they practically guarantee you’ll be the first company that comes to mind when your audience needs what you sell.


4. Fridge magnets offer excellent targeting

You don’t want to waste precious dollars trying to reach the wrong people; fortunately, fridge magnets offer exceptional targeting so you can reach a highly-relevant audience comprised of people likely to buy what you sell. Well-targeted mailing lists, direct-customer handouts, and event giveaways provide perfect opportunities to put your magnets in the right hands – and on the right refrigerators.

A carpet cleaning service, for example, might want to reach new homeowners. The company could rent a mailing list comprised only of people who have purchased a home in the past 30 days and send magnets detailing a special discount. When the homeowners need carpet cleaning, they’ll not only have the company brand recognition, they’ll have an incentive to call.


5. Fridge magnets are super easy to distribute

Because they’re useful, and because targeting the right audience is relatively simple, fridge magnets are very easy to distribute. You can hand them out directly to customers, pack them in every shipment, send them to a targeted audience, pass them out at trade shows and other events, and place them as point-of-sale displays (think “Free – take one”) throughout your community.


6. Fridge magnets are simple, easy, time-tested references

Customers like efficiency, and they’ll take the shortest path to get what they want. Fridge magnets bridge the gap between customer desire and your company by serving as simple, easy, time-tested references. Instead of searching their phones or looking online, customers will check their refrigerators for your phone number, website URL, or physical address.


7. Fridge magnets make it easy to stand out with customization

Custom fridge magnet printing lets you take advantage of premium magnet materials and compelling design to make your brand stand out. The best part is you don’t need to hire a graphic designer to print custom magnets; all you need is 911 Printers’s online designer. If you have any trepidation at using the online designer, feel free to send us an email and start the process of us supplying an eye catching design that we offer FREE of charge. We throw in our layout services for FREE, we just charge for the price of the product itself.


Ready to print fridge magnets that open the door to new business? Get custom fridge magnets at affordable prices today!

Using Print Marketing for Real Estate Success

Real estate companies and agents rely on print marketing to brand their images, attract new clients and sell more homes. In an age of heavy digital competition with a need for local exposure, print marketing provides creative opportunities above and beyond business cards and yard signs for turning higher profits. If you can leverage the power of creative print marketing techniques, you can quickly become the go-to real estate agent for your market.

Here are some creative real estate print marketing techniques you can try this year:

Replace yard signs with yard banners

Traditional “For Sale” yard signs let home buyers know that a property is for sale, but then the property must sell itself from outward appearances alone. This is OK for some properties, but many properties have features that can’t be seen from the street. Take-away flyers attached to yard signs is one common solution, but this technique still relies solely on the draw of the home’s exterior to convince interested parties to take a closer look.


Full-color vinyl banners, on the other hand, have the power to promote unseen features and can draw home buyers and investors who might otherwise have passed a property up. Large backyards, swimming pools and hot tubs, a large total square footage, a beautiful interior that contrasts with an exterior that could use a bit of work: All of these things warrant aggressive promotion that can be achieved with large- format vinyl banners.

Compile ultra-targeted mailing lists

You probably know that a targeted mailing lists is essential for a successful direct-mail marketing campaign, but how far do you drill down demographics when you compile your lists? Local real estate agents often send out all-encompassing postcards and brochures; that is, they send out material that tries to hit both buyers and sellers at once. Instead, focus your campaign on just buyers or sellers – and don’t include all buyers or sellers, either. Try targeting first-time home buyers, commercial property investors, young professionals seeking to upgrade, or any other sub-niche that has unique and well-defined real estate interests.

Turn newsletters into profit machines

Many real estate companies print newsletters to stay in touch with clients and potential clients, but few use newsletters to generate profits (or even to offset the costs associated with printing and mailing the newsletters). Use your newsletter to brand and promote your real estate company, but also solicit advertisements from complementary and non-competing businesses such as banks and lenders, mortgage brokers, insurance agencies, nonprofit organizations and others.

Postcard Mailing Campaigns

Postcard mailings are still very effective. And the more you reach your prospective clients the more likely they are to use your services. A study done by the Sales and Marketing Executives International a few years ago resulted in some impressive statistics. The number of deals derived from direct mail campaigns look something like this:

After the 1st Contact: 2%
After the 2nd Contact: 4%
After the 3rd Contact: 6%
After the 4th Contact: 10%
After the 5th Contact: 81%

So if you are doing a one-off postcard mailing, you might as well save your money. The momentary exposure to your clients is negligible and sure to fail. To increase your ROI and be more effective, save up for a postcard mailing campaign. And if the price starts to scare you off, consider a postcard campaign that sends a repeat postcard to your prospects every month. This is a great way to break through with your prospects while saving on the printing costs.

Here is an example:

Customer A sends out 500 postcards every month costing him $115 per month for a 6 month cost of $690.

Customer B sends out a repeat postcard every month for six months for a total cost of $494.

Customer B saves $196 dollars by doing something more creative and cost conscious while contacting prospective clients every month for 6 months. The more you contact your prospects the more likely they are to use your services. Call our customer service professionals at 911 Printers and see the ways to save money on your campaign costs. And we don’t charge for any layout services either. We’re here to help you save money. We want your mailings to be successful. As you grow, we grow too.

Email us at:  info@911printers.net or call 661 309-3139

How Many Doorhangers Should You Print?

You know door hangers can be powerful marketing tools, but planning a successful door hanger marketing campaign requires a bit of strategic thinking. To maximize ROI, you need not only a compelling offer but also an intelligent printing plan. That is to say, you need to know how many door hangers to print so you can distribute to all the customers you need without having leftovers. The following will help you determine exactly how many door hangers you need to print so you can make the most from your door hanger marketing campaigns.

Research your audience

Start by researching your target audience; or, more accurately, where your target audience lives. People who share socioeconomic traits tend to live close to one another, so the first step is to identify those neighborhoods.

Once you know where your customers live, you need a house count. Your Chamber of Commerce, city development department, or county auditor might have figures you can use. You can also use a map to make estimates. It’s a good idea to drive through the neighborhoods you want to distribute your door hangers to so you can make a count of your own and identify distribution inefficiencies or potential issues (such as sidewalk construction).

Determine how many you can distribute

Once you know how many homes are in the neighborhoods you want to target, you need to determine how many door hangers you can distribute That number depends on how much time you will devote to distribution, how much help you’ll have, and how many each person can distribute in an hour (which is also related to how far the houses are spaced apart – in some areas you might be able to distribute 100 to 200 door hangers in an hour; in others, only 50).

In an average neighborhood, a person walking at a brisk pace might be able to distribute 100 door hangers per hour. If you have two employees helping you, you can distribute 300 door hangers an hour. That’s 1,200 door hangers in four hours, 2,400 door hangers in eight hours. Of course, you can recruit more helpers and even span distribution over several days to increase your reach.

Determine your goals and budget

You should have well-defined goals for your door hanger marketing campaigns so you can measure your success. You might have a response rate goal of two percent, for example, or a goal to earn a 50 percent ROI. Those are great goals that help you measure the efficacy of your marketing pieces, but it’s also helpful to determine a specific profit goal for your campaigns.

Let’s say, for example, you want your door hanger marketing campaign to yield a $1,000 net profit. Let’s assume you’re able to get a two percent response rate and then convert 50 percent of responders to customers, and that each sale nets a $100 profit. You will need to distribute enough door hangers to yield a gross revenue large enough to offset your investment and profit $1,000.

We know you and two helpers can distribute 2,400 door hangers in an eight-hour day. Now, we can see if that’s enough to reach our $1,000 goal:

  • 2% response rate (of 2,400) = 48
  • 50% conversion rate (or 48) = 24
  • gross profit (24x $100/sale) = $2,400

In this scenario, investing $1,000 would net $1,400 in profit. If you could budget $1,000, you would then be able to meet your campaign goal – provided, of course, you’re able to earn the stated response and conversion rates. Now, you can play with different figures to determine how many door hangers you need to print in order to reach your goals. Talk to the professionals at 911 Printers and see how Door Hangers can help your business.

Notepad Marketing

Using Notepads to Brand Your Company

Notepads are a functional way to market your business by adding value for your customers. Nearly everyone jots down notes at the desk, by the phone or in the car; so notepads are nearly as effective as calendars at placing your message in front of your target audience 365 days a year.

Follow these notepad printing and branding tips to make the most of your notepad marketing strategy:

Notepads as marketing

Using notepads as part of a marketing strategy is not a new concept. More and more businesses are turning to notepads as a way to get their companies’ names into customers’ homes and workplaces. People actually use notepads, so they are constantly exposed to the message you choose to include. Repetition is key to branding, and custom printed notepads provide the perfect opportunity to brand your company.

Get Creative

Custom notepads are relatively easy to design and print. Marketing information on notepads is very minimal. All you need to include is simple information about your company and contact details. Your logo can be included as a small image at the top or bottom, or as a watermark across the whole notepad. Of course, you can also be creative by turning your notepad into an appointment or prescription sheet, checklist or other tool for your business. Through repetitive use of the notepad, your company will soon be recognized by your brand image alone.

Eye-catching design

A successful notepad design should build your brand image and set you apart from the competition. You want everyone who sees your notepads to take notice, so you need to have an attention-grabbing design. Using bright colors, a creative theme or unique shapes will help with this. At the same time, you don’t want your notepad to be garish or non-functional. It is important to weigh the design features with the white space required for a clean, easy-to-read look. Your company colors should be prominent. Try using varying tones and hues of the same base color to balance your notepad designs.

Branded notepads serve as versatile marketing tools. They can be handed out to customers, clients and employees, at conventions and trade shows, and even mailed to homes. Everyone needs a place to jot down notes, whether attending a business meeting, lecture or just on a call, so notepads are one marketing maerial that is welcomed by all.